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Re Awaken to a Youthful Brain

ReAwaken To Personal Intimacy Program

-Individually-designed, 14-day ReAwaken to Intimacy program.

-Program will focus on a unique, holistic approach to personal nutrition, reconnecting to personal and sensual pleasures, inner healing, beauty rituals, and mind-body practices.

Re Awaken the Sensual Soul

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At ReAwaken the Goddess © , We honor maturity; We honor beauty; We honor creativity; We honor ageless wisdom! We honor spiritual, physical and emotional growth; We honor a Re-Purposed life; We honor holistic magic energy! 

At ReAwaken the Goddess©, we provide a variety of pro-aging coaching programs, including individually designed programs for both women and menThese unique programs also include expert support and guidance provided by your own pro-aging coach. A listing of the offered programs are as follows: 
ReAwaken To The Higher, Spiritual Path of Creativity and the Creative Mind Program

-A personalized program to ReAwaken your creative self  and focus on the basic principles and tools for creative recovery; reigniting a sense of wonder, freedom, connection, purpose, joy, vitality, adventure and much more!

-This program will also help with techniques to clear one's mind so the creative process can blossom. You will learn how to activate the creative mind through meditative practices, letting creativity flow and sensorial experiences come alive! 

Re Awaken Creativity & The Creative Mind
ReAwaken to Using Charms & Techniques for Creating a Magical Life Program

-ReAwaken the Goddess is now offering a 4-hour jump-start program that will focus on helping you to create positive, life changes and manifest success and well-being in every area of your life!
-Combining both ancient and modern spiritual beliefs, and magical, holistic foundations/methods, you will learn how to create your own magical toolbox. 

-This program will also present a practical, in-depth guide to methods using the Magic and Energy obtained from stones, crystals, and minerals (combined with learning how to use Chakra healing stones). 

--The guide will help you to increase your knowledge of how these stones, crystals and minerals can be used for improving health, love, home and garden, problem solving, dreams, astral travel and much more.

 Re Awaken to a More Connected, Repurposeful Life

A  Vital Life Beyond Adulthood Program

-A personalized program focused on ReAwakening to new ways of living and reimagining your life, beyond adulthood. 

-Explore new behaviors, attitudes and develop, with your pro-aging coach, a roadmap that will help you to navigate, and use your accumulated wisdom for renewal, connection and deep healing!

 Re Awaken to More Vitality, Welll-Being & Magic

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  Re Awaken the Goddess

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ReAwaken To a Youthful Brain  & Staying Sharp Program

A Western/Eastern practices (Modern Science & Ageless Wisdom) approach defines this unique, program intended to help minimize cognitive decline with age, while creating a younger brain and wiser mind, at any age!

This program provides a customized, 14-day, jump-start guide that will include more in-depth information and practices on nine (9) key areas for keeping your brain healthier and staying sharp.

A unique aspect of this program is the personalization approach. The program is designed to meet your specific, brain health requirements. We will also provide healthy tools and practices related to the key areas of brain health you want to improve on (e.g. Fitness, Nutrition, Focus, Connection, Curiosity, Flexibility.)

The program will also provide individual, pro-active coaching guidance and support.

No Fee Phone Consultation
  (for Individual Coaching)

To see if Pro-Aging Coaching  is right for you, please send several (Eastern Daylight Standard) time slots, and a phone number. We will then contact you.

On this phone call, you will need to block 
20 minutes and have privacy. We will discuss what your goals are, and ask you some background questions. We will also advise you of the types of programs and workshops,  that would be most beneficial .

Please note: Pro-Aging coaching is offered on-site and/or via FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

  -Beginning Tutorial 
   -Fun with New Apps
-Outdoor Photo Shoot

 Calling all iPhone photography enthusiasts!

We are excited to offer a new, iPhone photography program that will focus on reawakening your creativity through exploring and perfecting the features of the powerful, iPhone camera!  

Learn to use professional quality iPhone photography Apps that let you photograph and edit your images to send to friends, post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or print. 

We will demonstrate the virtues of the iPhone’s camera and download helpful apps and filters. We will also learn how to use your iPhone camera to capture, edit and process beautiful photographs indoors and outdoors.

The beautiful, SW Gulf Coast contains a wealth of people, wildlife, seascapes, beach, boating, and landscape photo opportunities. During this program, iPhone photographers  taking this class, will have one-on-one instruction, group feedback, and/or have opportunities to explore and create on your own. 

Sign up for a two-day program (2.5 hours each day), and learn how to use this iPhone camera. Classes are small, and you will have enough time to photograph and edit your images. By the time the program is over, you will be able to go home and use your iPhone camera/apps with technical and creative proficiency. You will be amazed and delighted at your success!

The program will include:
1- Basic iPhone camera tools and techniques
2- Learn to download download apps
3- Learn photo filtering techniques via popular iPhone photo apps
4- Learn basics of color, mood and composition
5- Learn post processing of photographs
6- A one-day, outdoor shoot at Venice Beach and fishing pier. 

INSTRUCTOR: Judith Rosall is a personal life (Pro-Aging/Creativity) transitions coach and a SW Florida gulf coast, professional Fine Art Photographer. Judith has been creating unique, fine art photography over the past 20+ years. She shoots with both an DSLR digital camera, and iPhone, and photographs in both an indoor studio and outdoor environments. Judith also utilizes a wide variety of subjects, including the human figure, seascapes, wildlife and landscapes.



​Locations: Venice, FL

**RSVP: A reservation is required (Email: or call (941) 882-5390, to reserve a space.)

Fee:  (Payment is required before start of workshop. Accept checks, cash at the beginning of the workshop.)

  Beginner Tutorial to iPhone Photography & Outdoor Photo Shoot

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